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Twisted Cinema

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Twisted Cinema gives moviewatchers a chance to watch a film with friends like they've never done before. The concept takes the unique magic of a pop-up cinema and adds in an exciting new twist – listening through headphones. Each guest gets to experience the movies' audio track directly into their ears via our unique wireless headphones. Sounds interesting already right? But we've taken things one step further; each pair of headphones also comes equipped with a button that allows guests to switch to a second audio track. This second channel opens up some truly crazy opportunities to twist the whole cinema concept as we know it into something completely new and insane!

The Twisted Cinema has two thrilling 'twists' to offer bookers that will make their cinema experience like nothing ever seen before.

The Movie Zoo
This runs on the second channel and features the same movie soundtrack but interspersed with live commentary, in real-time, from a carefully selected group of 4 or 5 individuals. These individuals will watch the movie from a separate monitor at the side of the screen. Each will have a mic, and each will be encouraged to share their thoughts and comments on the movie in real-time. Expect fun, laughter, insight and opinions galore as you tune into a crazy alternative dialogue to the movie. You can even take things over-the-top, by letting us one of our national touring comics to curate and host the channel, effectively offering a live, on-the-fly, stand-up routine related to the movie! Our comics can help get the best out of your student participants and enhance the overall 'zoo' experience.

The Double Feature
Choosing a movie that suits everyone on campus is hard right? For everyone that wants sci-fi/adventure, there's somebody that wants comedy. For everyone that wants an action thriller, there's someone that wants a cheesy sing-along musical. Pleasing everyone is impossible! Or is it?....What if you could show two movies at exactly the same time, in the same space, on back-to-back screens? With Twisted Cinema's 'Double Feature' that's exactly what you can do. Rather than arrive on campus with one giant screen, we arrive with two. The screens can then be set up either back-to-back or side by side and we can schedule two completely different movies to start at the same time. Customers then select which movie that want to watch by flicking a switch on their wireless headphones!