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Rage Invaders are, first and foremost, pure theatre. A dramatic, high-octane show with stage presence by the bucket-load this three-piece are re-defining the live EDM experience. Performing masked the band are made up of live guitar, live drums and live 'DJtronics'.

Each track the Invaders drop is their own electronic twist on already huge tracks. Think of it as a live remix featuring thunderous live drums and intricate guitar work all played over a custom-made electronic re-edit. Your favourite tracks as you've never heard before, broken down and re-imagined for the EDM generation.

Quite simply, there is no other act like Rage Invaders. They represent something truly unique in the live music scene and exist in a category of one. Who are Rage invaders? They let the music do the talking, hence the masks and the overall air of mystery. When music sounds this good, who cares who's behind it?



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