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With superstar DJs like Skrillex and Deadmau5 selling out arena tours and with more kids picking up turntables than are picking up guitars it seems that we really are in an era where 'everyone wants to be a DJ'. The recent boom in EDM culture has seen demand both for a specific style of electronic-led dance party, which we cater for with our Light It Up event, and a thirst among many kids to learn more about the art of the DJ.

With our unique event we meet both of these demands. Anyone who attends our event can learn more about the skills required to make a career out of DJIng from our resident spinners at our hands-on 'Be The DJ' masterclass. Our residents will take the time to explain the fundamentals of DJing and give guests some real 'hands-on' experience using pro gear. Any guests showing a particular aptitude will then be able to put their new found skills to use by playing a short set alongside our DJ at the renowned Light It Up Dance party that follows.

Light It Up is an inspirational dance experience which blends sound, light and our resident's skills as DJs to create an event like no other. Modeled on the warehouse raves of Europe the show allows venues the chance to build their own party using our unique 'bolt-on' system. This allows venues to create an event specific to their budget. Regardless of what package you book, a ton of glow material comes with this show absolutely FREE, allowing us to turn the audience into the light show.



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