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We all know that Headphone Disco is the award-winning number one college dance party right? We all like to throw on the wireless headphones and get our Wobble on or get our Taylor on and we all know about the two DJs who battle each other on stage for the crowd’s attention….Now can you imagine if instead of two DJs there were three?.....And can you imagine if that third DJ was you or one of your students!!!!!.....If you can then you’ve just imagined the amazing spectacle that is Headphone Disco’s Student Takeover!

How Does It Work?

This is like a regular Headphone Disco but with one major twist. Instead of two channels on our headphones we now have three. And that third channel is where we host ‘The Student Takeover’. Now this is where it gets really exciting!....

What happens on that third channel is entirely up to you, it’s your channel to program exactly as you please. Maybe you have a student DJ who wants to battle our two resident DJs. Maybe you have several student DJs who want to do a short set each. Or maybe you want EVERYONE to come up on stage and play that one song they’ve always wanted to hear at a dance party but which the DJ NEVER plays! With the Student Takeover, we can make any of this happen!!!

Takeover Options In Detail

Option 1: One Student DJ, All Night Long
You may have a student who’d already an accomplished DJ and who would love the chance to get up onto the main stage and showcase his skills. Or maybe you’ve run a DJ competition ahead of our event and you’ve selected your winner to perform with us. If you do, then we’ll hand him the third channel to play on all night long.

Option 2 : Multiple Student DJs
Just like option 1 but with a few DJs that you’ve selected rather than just one. Each DJ gets to play a set on the main stage and enjoy their share of the limelight and crowd adulation! Get them all to promote their appearance to their friends and imagine how many more people will attend your event…

Option 3: Who Needs A DJ??, You’re All Invited!!
In this smart-phone era EVERYONE can be a DJ. You’ve got a whole bunch of music on your phone right? Well come up on stage and play some of it!!! We can plug you into our system and let you play a few songs that you’ve maybe NEVER got to hear at a dance party. This is what you call an ‘inclusive event’!

Option 4: And Now For Something Completely Different
This is where we let your imagination run riot…Maybe, instead of another DJ, you’d like to use the third channel to show a silent movie in the same room. Maybe, you’d like to hand that channel over to a comedian, a singer-songwriter or a spoken word artist. If you’ve got a wacky idea for Channel 3 let us know and we’ll do our best to make it work.

Let The Takeover Commence!

Headphone Disco has been thrilling audiences around the world since launching in 2007 in the UK and has been a big event on the US college scene since 2012. The Student Takeover represents our first ever ‘twist’ on the concept and we are excited to bring it to your campus.

Not only does it make the event even more interactive and inclusive but this increased participation by your students should hopefully see a significant uplift in attendance at your event. The opportunity for your students to get on stage and perform should prove to be a major attraction with great marketing potential.

Our new three channel headphones are strictly limited and we can only offer this event to a limited number of schools per semester. Why not be one of the first to embrace this exciting development of an already successful program.




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