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Color Burst 5K

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5K of Color. 5K of Music....The Color Burst experience is an event that will unite your campus in a Technicolor blast of paint and music. Join us for this thrilling ride as we bring our full-scale, professional production to your school. A fully managed, college-specific 5K color run that ends with a vibrant, high-octane after-party, the Color Burst 5K is celebration of life, community spirit and healthy living. Make your school a part of our revolution....

It's all about the run....and then the fun. And it begins at the starting line. Pre-run we have some exciting warm-up routines to get everyone in the zone. Great tunes, our awesome DJ and MC and some genuine 'good vibes'. The run itself has to be seen to be believed. Runners are blasted with colorful and safe paint at 4 different color zones dotted along our course. Watch as an exhilarating run through campus turns into a living work of art as we paint your students every color of the rainbow. 'The Finish Line Fling' provides the ultimate end to the ultimate event as we harness the energy of the run and convert it into a huge dance party, bringing everyone together in a mass of color, music and positivity.

Our job is to bring a professionally organized and managed 5K run to your campus. This 'full-service' event sees us take care of everything from on-line runner registration to course set-up, event branding to entertainment provision and everything in between. Let us take care of the complicated logistics of making a color run work, while you concentrate on getting your students excited about the most thrilling experience that's ever been brought to campus.



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