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Campus Superstar

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Campus Superstar live is a brand new interactive talent search that's set to travel coast to coast looking for the most talented students the country has to offer.

What makes Campus Superstar different from any other talent shows is the fact that it's only open to students and, unlike similar small-scale events you may have seen on campus, it's the only touring event that comes with a full, professional stage production and live videography. And did we mention the cash prize????

This two day event is as close to a TV Talent show experience as you're likely to get. Here's how the event break's down

Day 1 is an open audition where any student that wants to try out for the competition gets to have their chance to show of their talent in front of the camera in the private Campus Superstar audition booth. That evening the dedicated school judges go through all the auditions and pick the best and most unique performers who then get contacted to be notified that they have been selected to perform in the special LIVE show the following day!

Day 2 is the main event. The Campus Superstar production team and resident host/MC will be working to put an hour-long live show together. Students are invited to come along, watch the live show and be a part of the whole experience. Not only do they get to watch an awesome live show they also will be the people who vote on who gets crowned 'Campus Superstar' for their school via our dedicated online voting system.



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