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Back2Life is a college-specific, full-production dance 'experience' set up with the aim of bringing world-class production values out of the superclub and onto campus.

Our team of project managers work closely with entertainment committees to build each 'Back2Life' event from the ground up focusing heavily on direct collaboration with students and advisors. We handle all aspects of the show 'from tech to talent' all the while working hard to ensure that we deliver the most awesome dance event possible.

From choosing which color lasers work best within a chosen venue, to selecting the DJs and entertainers most appropriate to a school's demographic, we utilize our years of experience in the college entertainment market to deliver a show that will leave audiences asking 'did we really just have something that huge on our campus?'.

After work, it's time to play. Bring your students 'Back2Life' with the mother of all dance experiences.



If you're interested in booking a party, please either call us on 732-818-9600 or complete the form below

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